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 Autobot Rules Of Conduct

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PostSubject: Autobot Rules Of Conduct   Mon Sep 05, 2011 3:29 am

Please keep in mind that these rules are part of the role playing, and characters are allowed to break them if they wish, as long as you let me or DecepticonsDagger know, depending on which side you're on.

For All Autobots

1~ The Leader can change these rules as he/she sees fit depending on the situation. Nobody else has the authority to do so.

2~ Any relationship between an Autobot and Decepticon is strictly forbidden, unless it is a 'fake' relationship used to spy on the Decepticons.

3~ The mission comes before anything else. If a teammate is in danger, complete the mission and then, as long as there is no chance of the Decepticons sabotaging the mission you can go back for them. (Eg - If the objective of the mission is to get to something before the Decepticons, get to that thing and make sure there is no chance of the Decepticons getting to it before you go back for your teammate.)

4~ You follow orders of the Leader or the First Lieutenant only.

5~ If, for whatever reason, the Leader is unable to lead, the First Lieutenant will become Leader, even temporarily, and will elect a temporary First Lieutenant to help him/her. If the Leader recovers, the First Lieutenant and the Autobot that's been helping him/her must go back to their original positions, unless the Leader says otherwise.

6~ Only in times of severe urgency should you give a distress signal, as the Decepticons will be aware of it as well.

7~ If the leader has to go on a mission and split up the group, the First Lieutenant will be left behind and in charge while he/she is gone. (Eg - Leader leaves Cybertron with some Autobots, First Lieutenant stays with Autobots left behind and becomes Leader of the group that ends up on Saturn)

Teaching Rules

1~ Each teacher can have only one student throughout his/her lifetime, and each student one teacher. If they are unable to complete their training, a new teacher will be found to complete it with them, and it won't count towards that teacher's one student, unless they have to complete more than 3 quarters of the training.

2~ Teachers are chosen by the Leader, or if he/she is not available, the First Lieutenant. If you wish to become a teacher, let them know.

3~ When you start your duties as an Autobot, you are automatically a student and the Leader or First Lieutenant will choose a teacher for you.

4~ A student will finish his/her training when his/her teacher believes that they are ready to take on a student of their own.

5~ In severe circumstances, when it is important to get as many new recruits trained as possible, and they're running low on available teachers, you may be given a student before you've finished your training. If you are having any problems training them, your fellow Autobots will be willing to help, or you can hand your student over to someone who's already had a student.

6~ The student's safety is a teacher's top priority. Do not raise them to a level of training you don't believe they're ready for if other Autobots are telling you to hurry up, or if your student insists they are ready for it. Trust your instincts and judge by their performance whether they are ready or not.

7~ A relationship between a teacher and student is forbidden, as it gets in the way of the training.

8~ Animal Autobots are not applicable to have teachers or students.

As is mentioned on rule 1 of the general rules, I could change these at any time. I'll try to let you know if I do, but keep checking back here in case. If you have any questions about the rules or anything else, let me know through PM or the Help and Support forum and I'll help you out.
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Autobot Rules Of Conduct
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